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This is mainly the reason I was looking at finding a media player. My family is already integrated into the Plex ecosystem so their pretty familiar with it and what it can do. I am considering the KODI setup now though, seems pretty powerful beyond just movies, TV Shows and the other things Plex does. Also I personally have my system shutdown upon security system arm and boot upon security system disarm. That way its always on whilst i'm at home ready for action. Though my driver will also boot upon ON command from Control4 (i only recommend this on computers that have fast boot times). For Windows users, there are various ways to get premium content channels working through their websites or Windows apps, but if you are using a Linux-based home theater computer such as OpenELEC HTPC or Raspberry Pi, there is no direct way to get Netflix working. Now let's give the script a test spin to make sure it runs as expected. In putty, type this command: python Both Plex and XBMC for OSX use FFMPEG to perform software decoding, and both can theoretically use GPU decoding. [Read: 5 Best XBMC skins for Raspberry Pi] Pi 2 and 1 on a Windows Dear Lifehacker, I want to make the perfect home media center but I've come across a very tough decision: should I use Plex or XBMC? I've heard great things about both platforms, and don't I recently got the Tablo hoping there would be no problem with recognizing it using my Raspberry Pi and XBMC. I'm running the 3.2 version of XBMC as OpenELEC. I have not been able to recognize Tablo using any of the Open… Popular derivative applications and devices such as MediaPortal, Plex, LibreELEC, OpenELEC, ToFu, Boxee, Designed as a hybrid integration between Kodi/XBMC media center software and Dreambox's Enigma2 PVR software scripts, running on an OpenPLi forked from PLi git ) and using XBMC plugin for subtitles as well witout any problems. I do not experience playback or sound problems. Since I have quite same configuration as you I assume your problems might be in your OpenElec installation or maybe your router is … Lazyman Plugin with Apple TV. OpenELEC PLHT submitted 3 years I have gone from using openelec/plex/xbmc on my NUC to simply using the plex client on a roku3 PlexBMC is a collection of addons which integrates an XBMC frontend with a Plex Media Server backend. The project was started by the developer hippojay, and continued by pecinko, wickning1, and magnesium. For discussion, questions, and reporting problems visit the official forum thread located here 04.08.2013 · I have WHS 2011 installed on a Sempron LE1250 and I am thinking of stripping WHS and installing XBMC or Plex. I don't particularly need WHS automatic May 25, 2015 Combine Kodi and Plex using PleXBMC addon and enjoy both centralized media XBMC decide and remember your